Covid-19 Information:Each consultant's position will be clarified on their individual page.

Glasgow Urology is a group of urological surgeons all of whom are experienced NHS consultants in or around Glasgow. Modern urology is a highly subspecialised field and between us, we offer access to all urological treatments whether you require specialised advice, investigation or a surgical treatment.

Working within a group allows us to offer the best and most experienced advice with our core aim being to offer every patient excellence of care for any condition.

Each of our team offers expertise in general urology and one or more subspecialty areas. We regularly cross refer patients where subspecialist advice or treatment offers a better service.

Our team meets regularly to discuss clinical issues. Every patient with a urological malignancy is discussed at our multidisciplinary team meeting in order to ensure optimal and timely treatment. Sound clinical governance is at the heart of our ethos.

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